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Our History

In the summer of 1999, Dan Sinclair, Jr. found himself working the drive-thru teller window at Cavalry Bank (now Pinnacle Bank) on Cason Lane in Murfreesboro. He was 19 years old and pretty much on his own after returning from a year of college at the University of Alabama.
The 1997 Riverdale High School graduate and former all-state soccer player explained, "I would work the teller line during the week and process these big deposits from general contractors and think to myself, I want to do that; I want to be on that side of the drive thru window!"
So on weekends, Dan picked up some small roofing jobs and shingled residential homes. It was very hard work, but he was determined to learn the roofing business from the bottom up and start a company.
In 2002, after spending a year and half as a bank teller and working weekends installing small residential roofs, Dan got his contractor's license and founded Pinnacle Building Services. Today, Pinnacle Building Services is one of the largest roofing companies in Murfreesboro.  


Dan realized that his success would depend largely on the relationships he could build locally; relationships with business people, often times, twice his age. He spent a lot of time in 2002, building personal relationships in the real estate, construction and insurance communities. He also spent a lot of time getting trained on roofing systems.

One of those relationships he built was with the Miller & Loughry insurance agency; who began referring customers to him in 2002. With referrals from one of the largest insurance agencies in Middle Tennessee, Dan began to build a burgeoning base of customers and his business began to flourish. He went back to Pinnacle Bank, this time as a customer, and negotiated bank loans to finance his business equipment and working capital needs. He did all he could to make sure every customer received great service. "I was then, and I and am now, very hands-on when it comes to work", said Dan, "I handle every job like I was doing the work on my own home. I know that customer service truly is the key to sustaining success and building a referral base." 

When one of the largest hail storms in Murfreesboro's history hit in 2003, Pinnacle had been in business for a couple of years. It was an unbelievable time. "Suddenly I was getting 25 calls a day to replace roofs. I had to focus on managing a business as much as I was focused on individual jobs."
Shortly after the storm, Dan hired his best friend from college, Mark Grose, and his then 18-year old brother, Patrick Sinclair, to help oversee jobs while Dan handled sales, built supplier relationships, hired subcontractors and worked on other infrastructure tasks.   
By the time 2004 arrived, Pinnacle Building Services had installed over 250 roofs in Murfreesboro and had grown into a reputable residential roofing, siding and gutter company. Farrer Construction, one of Murfreesboro's oldest and largest construction companies started subcontracting a significant amount of their roof work to Pinnacle and Dan began to establish a good reputation for doing commercial work as well.
"I got my start in commercial work largely by cold calling the businesses around the courthouse square in Murfreesboro. I knew a lot of those buildings had old roofs that leaked and I offered to replace them with what is called an EPDM roof, or rubber roof membrane, and provided the owners with a 5 year workmanship guarantee."
Over a 2 year period, Pinnacle replaced fourteen buildings' roofs on the courthouse square and that work gave Dan the confidence to bid on larger commercial work in Rutherford County.

One of the city leaders Dan met in 2001 was Tim McLaughlin, who at that time was the Building Contract administrator for Rutherford County Schools. He encouraged Dan to bid on the roof maintenance contract to maintain all 28 Rutherford County Schools.
In 2004, after months of preparation and after an arduous bid process, Pinnacle Building Services was awarded the contract to maintain all of Rutherford County Schools and the company was awarded that contract each of the last seven years.
The large school board contract required Dan to shift, yet again, his approach to handling Pinnacle's business. "I had to acquire more insurance, more equipment, and more personnel, but it has been worth it. I am immensely proud to be able to play a small part in the proper functioning of schools I once attended."


The April 7, 2006 storm that hit Middle Tennessee caused over $500 million in storm-related property damage. "In Murfreesboro and Smyrna, I estimate, about 8,000 homes got new roofs because of hail damage", explains Dan. Since April, Dan's company has completed about 500 residential jobs for roofing, gutters and siding replacements, all while maintaining his other work with the school board and Farrer Construction. We've been very busy; and probably could have taken on more jobs if we wanted to. I'm young and I'm still learning. I want to grow Pinnacle Building Services even larger and still maintain high quality, I just have to figure that out. Throughout 2006, and for the next couple of years, Dan continued roofing residential and commercial buildings. He also started helping out with Habitat 4 Humanity, by roofing the new construction houses in Rutherford County.


On April 10, 2009, one of the worst tornados in Murfreesboro's history struck our town. The devastation was unbelievable! Dan and his company began working that day to assist those who needed help removing debris and tarping houses. "The clean-up and rebuilding process took a while, but we did the best job we could for as many people as possible." This process logged many hours and a lot of very hot days. But some would say, "You can't have the good without a little bit of the bad."
Over the last couple years, Dan and his company have stayed busy by shingling numerous residential homes and replacing multiple Rutherford County Schools' roofs with EPDM rubber.

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